Houston Detention Center

Houston, Texas

The architecture for this detention center in Houston emphasized clearstory design and urban infill development. Since persons who have not been proven guilty but must be detained (you or I could be there), all cells are for one person, all can be easily observed by guards, and all have an exterior view.

To simply and powerfully structure Houston’s sprawl, we designed a double cross axis terminating at the existing city hall, the new convention center, the arts/university district, and a proposed library. The new axis terminus was reserved for a library since a detention center would not have been a positive civic statement. Instead, we placed the detention center to terminate the existing justice complex with a building evoking a crustacean crawling out of the bayou. 1987.

  • Clearstory Windows
  • Urban Infill Development
  • Excellent Daylighting
  • Captures Views

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