Do you have any plans for sale?

For ecological, functional, and aesthetic reasons, we feel every project should be designed for a particular site so we do not sell pre-designed plans. Usually an owner ends up customizing a plan so much that it turns out to be a new design anyway. Also, keep in mind that building codes and engineering issues require customization of even stock plans. Plus, it is wonderful when a home expresses its owner.

How can a contractor offer to design our home for so little money?

If you find a contractor whose designs you love and who you trust completely, use them. However, contractors are usually not skilled in design or ecological construction and often the design cost is hidden in the construction costs: a loss leader. Since the project will not be competitively bid, you are committed to pay what the contractor demands for construction. Plus, without an architect performing construction administration, no one is there to ensure your project is built to your specifications. In the long run, a good architect will save you money.

How much will it cost to have an award winning architect design my house?

The design fee is based on what services are required for each project. New homes usually cost between 5-10% the cost of construction depending on the services you require. Remodels are usually done on a time and material basis. After we know more about your project we will prepare a firm fee proposal. With our low overhead, our fees are quite competitive (though you can always find cheaper).

Does sustainable design add a lot to the cost of a building?

No. Usually for just 5% more you can get a home that performs so well that you’ll recoup the costs in a few years and be much more comfortable. Much of your energy savings will be free for hiring a knowledgeable architect who won’t make the obvious mistakes.

Should I hire you if the project is not in Colorado?

Not if you can find a local architect with design skills you love and strong experience in sustainable design. But if you can’t, we have successfully worked in several other states and even other countries at a competitive rate.