Troxell+Murphy House

Boulder, Colorado

The clients wanted to enlarge their house for entertaining large groups and to make it energy efficient. We enlarged the living and dining rooms and allowed for flexibility in use, created an entry room, master suite and office that capture the wonderful view of the Flatirons. The energy-efficient design de-emphasizes the garage to make the neighborhood more humane.

Large southern windows with proper overhangs were designed so the greatly enlarged house uses less energy than the original house. Clearstory windows allow in daylight without glare and allow natural convection to get rid of summer heat. Most new rooms have windows on two sides for balanced light and cross ventilation. To save money, 15’x45’x13′ building modules were created off site, trucked in, and lifted into place with a crane. 2005.

  • Passive Solar Design
  • Excellent Daylighting
  • Captures Views
  • Energy Efficient Remodel
  • Remodel Saving Resources
  • Modular Construction

This house is featured in the video Passive Solar Simplified.

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