DA Powered 100% by Solar Energy

Doerr Architecture’s office in Loveland Colorado now gets all its electricity by clean, free PV (photovoltaic) energy. We designed and built this solar electric system with battery backup for when the grid goes down. The solar panel mount angles are adjustable to maximize energy gain throughout the year.

Fort Collins Solar Consulting

Doerr Architecture has been commissioned to analyze a building and its site in Fort Collins Colorado for its solar access. We are consulting with its owners about their property’s PV (photovoltaic) and passive solar challenges and opportunities.

Design/Build Loveland Property

Doerr Architecture is redeveloping a site in Loveland Colorado as the developer, architect, and general contractor. The site has a 101 year old house and the property is zoned high-density residential with the possibility of up to six units.

Denver House Pop-Top Video

A video of a Denver house pop-top addition designed by Doerr architecture has been released. The Buckvold+Hrusovsky home is a passive solar remodel in Denver Colorado.

Second Edition of PSS Book Published

The second edition of Architect Thomas Doerr’s book Passive Solar Simplified: Easily design a truly green home for Colorado and the West was published with new helpful information.

Passive Solar Simplified book cover